Paul (llorean) wrote,

A short story

It was the eve of the 16th day of the third month of what would come to be known as the War of Heroes, a war to end all wars... The dread sorcerrer Xel'then had risen from the grave through powers unknown, and had marshalled the armies of the kingdom of
Erelia, and through his mastery of dark magic, and their brute force, had conquered a large portion of the largest content on the world of Ell.

As dawn spread its orange light across the fields around Dendal, a fortress-city near the western coast, Ilmena gazed out from atop the southwest tower. At first glance it appeared as if the fields were empty, and a second glance verified that as true. But she knew better... Xel'then was clever, and he had already taken many towns by surprise, catching them off guard through the use of his dark sorcery. But invisibility was a minor illusion, and she was confident her formidible sorcerous power would be capable of piercing his illusions. In fact Ilmena was confident that not only would she be able to face Xel'then, but that she would be able to confront him, for she was surely one of the greatest sorceresses in Dendel.

As she stretched her arms over her head, and paced along the wall, watchin through both natural and magical means, the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand on end, and she felt an unnatural chill descend over the tower. She spun around, but even as she attempted to draw mana from the world around her, she felt an icy chill surround her, preventing her from tapping into the energy of the world around her...

A deep, slow, rumbling laugh began to echo around her, and a gravelly voice drifted from the shadows... "So... you would match your piddling powers against mine, whelp? And yet, what power have you, pitiful one, unable to even draw the force you need to cast at me."

A hooded figure appeared in front of her, his body seeming to form out of the air, beginning as a faint mist, then thickening, darkening, gaining in solidity until before her stood a fairly formidable looking being. In a desperate attempt, Ilmena drew from within herself, drained her pool of reserved magical energy, and focused everything in one attempt to strike down her formidable foe. With a scream of defiance, she hurled a tremendous ball of fire towards the figure, and it, caught by surprise, was hit with the full brunt of the attack, and as the fireball exploded, and she was flung from her feet, she lost site of him in the flames...

Once more the deep, resonant laughter echoed atop the tower, and as the flames and smoke faded, the figure stood still...
"So, you were more powerful than you seemed... That was unexpected, but hardly a threat. My master need hardly concern himself if you are the best your order has to offer."
With an idle gesture of his hand, the figure flung a bolt of energy, and Ilmena felt pain surge through her body, as every particle of her being strove to seperate itself from every other. With a scream of agony, Ilmena dissipated, and with a simple nod, the hooded figure simply vanished, only an echo of his laughter remaining...
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