Paul (llorean) wrote,

In case you're wondering

Yes, this story is not very exciting... Neither was the previous one.. Sorry it's a little slow at the moment.
A) I've been a little out of it... I'm sorry. I suck. For all umm... if anyone checks for updates, once my birthday hits (the 12th) and school starts (the 12th) I'll actually be updating more. (There's a nice break between classes perfect for posting such things.)
B) What I'm doing now is establishing the technological level of my science fiction world... Hovercars, wheeled cars, magnetic harpoons. Stuff like that. I want to establish the level of advancement beyond our day before I truly begin to develop the plot. And there ARE a few things I've revealed here which will be important. You should be thinking about why the relatively low-tech poon solution, why the briefcase as opposed to some sort of probably far more effective delivery (though I haven't revealed robotic drones YET, they're there.)
C) I'm still trying to develop a solid persona for my character, and I'm a little uncomfortable writing as him fully, as it's hard to keep the persona close enough to consistent, so I may be rewriting some of these stories later (if I do, the originals will NOT be removed).
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